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New Year is celebrated all over the world. And it is celebrated on 31st Dec night and 1st January every year according to the Gregorian calendar. On this day everyone celebrates it in different ways and there are many ways for the Celebration of New Year’s Eve. New Year Eve is the time for celebration for all and they do parties all together and enjoy with their loved and dear ones on this day. This day is the last day of the current year and on the New Year’s Eve we all heartly welcomes the next year with both arms open.

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On this New Year Eve, stroke of midnight rolled across all over the world’s time zones, people gathered in groups together and took everyone to the streets to celebrate the arrival of the New Year, 2014. Fireworks and lights are all around in all the party houses and in the country for making resolutions and wishing each other a “Happy New Year!” every year.

In the parties and pubs people arrange for Fireworks, party poppers and champagne for each other and join together to celebrate New Year’s Eve celebrations around the world.

Before this celebration of New Year, Christmas is celebrated all over the world on 25th September and as the Christmas lights starts to fade and the holiday season of the year is coming to an end, there’s still one day to see the flash bash the current year 2013. With the New Year just around the corner, now’s the time to make your New

Year’s resolutions memorable and left away the last year’s regrets and worries and celebrate the new starting all over again in 2014. New Year is also known as Old Year’s Day or Saint Silvester’s Day in many countries and the last day of the year is December 31 is known as New Year Eve. And as we have said it is celebrated all over the world and in many countries, New Year’s Eve is celebrated at evening with the social gatherings, where many people dance and get together, eat, drink alcoholic beverages and fireworks to begin the new year.

New Year is celebrated everywhere in every country but there is a interesting thing to know that the island nations of Kiribati and Samoa are the first that welcome’s the New Year while Honolulu, Hawaii is among the last places that welcome’s the New Year.

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